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Why is ACH electronic check processing the in-thing now

With the onset of the digital world, the reliance on paper checks has become negligible. Even SMEs are looking towards a paper-free transaction system with the ubiquitous payment gateways and virtual terminals and other means of payment processing solutions that are present in larger firms and companies. The latest financial reports show that there has been a significant drop in check payment transactions and a steady increase in ACH processing.

Difference between the paper check and e-check

By now every small-scale enterprise knows the importance of maintaining an e-commerce website and providing various payment options to its customers. Every business or startup knows that it has to stay in tune with the technological advancements in the field of payment processing if it wishes to stay in the race. Online customers need to be provided various payment options in addition to credit card and debit card. By understanding the difference between the paper check and Echeck you will be able to make an informed and educated decision as to which form of payment is most suitable for your enterprise with the given resources at hand.

A paper check and Echeck serve the same function of payment and work on similar lines except that an Echeck does not require a signature. Echecks too have tracking numbers like the physical check and can be recorded for future reference. The advantage of an Echeck is that it is faster than the regular check. The merchant need not invest in a new payment gateway because most often the gateway that is used for credit card transactions clears Echecks also. The clearance time does vary though based on the merchant and the payment gateway used. As an online merchant who accepts E-checks, you must ensure that the payment gateway you use has the necessary security layers and proper encryption with security certificates in place.

The use of Echeck minimizes the risk of loss or theft of a physical check, makes record keeping easy and provides flexibility to the customer to make payments from anywhere and any electronic device once a mobile app is downloaded. This provides seamless transactions.

Every online merchant should know the benefits of ACH processing

Though becoming an online merchant is fairly simple the complexities of the system can often leave many users intimidated and fall prey to unscrupulous payment processing. Hence, understanding the basics will help you in choosing the right solution for your billing needs. The automated clearing house or ACH is where all the drama happens where the money from the customer’s account gets transferred to your account.

ACH payments are more preferred than credit card payments because the processing fee for ACH transfer is much less when compared with the plastic cards. ACH is especially beneficial for recurring billing adding more savings to the kitty of the merchant in the long run. The only disadvantage is that you will not know instantly if a check bounces.

Despite denial and shutoffs can a merchant use ACH processing system

Most merchant account providers offer ACH processing to their clients. If you have an existing merchant account you can enquire more about this method of payment processing. If not, there are merchant account providers like us who have the required expertise in the field to guide you. We charge no application fee and no setup fee. Our application process is very simple and should you have any queries our friendly customer service will efficiently answer all your questions and even provide valuable suggestions should you need advice.

We do business even with companies that have faced multiple denials and shutoffs from major credit card processors like First Data, PayPal, Stripe, and Square. We can help you set up virtual terminals and payment gateway to get you going. We have various options to suit the different types of ACH payments that small-sized enterprises face on a regular basis. Our ACH payments are processed on the same day, unlike others which take at least 2-3 working days.

New business ventures and ACH

As a new company, you will already have enough issues to deal with. The goals which seem easy on paper become more difficult in the reality. It is at such times you need the support of a merchant account provider who does more than just payment processing.In the initial days of a new enterprise, there will be various compliance and regulatory needs that have to be looked into besides managing customer expectation and providing customer satisfaction.

When you open a merchant account with us we will reduce this burden and let you focus on your core business. We understand the diverse clientele businesses have and the need to provide a payment processing solution which is all-encompassing, beneficial and ideal for your company. We have custom made plans to suit individual businesses.

Domestic and offshore options open

Regardless of your credit score, the number of denials faced by you and your zero experience we will support you. Our years of experience in providing merchant account services and the ability to adopt latest technologies to benefit customers gives us the confidence to say, “ you are in good hands.” We offer both domestic and offshore options for our clients. Our connection to multiple underwriting banks both in the domestic front and overseas is highly beneficial for our clients.

You can establish your ACH merchant account with us. Our rates are low and our portals are user-friendly and will allow you to accept checks via phones, fax and obviously your website.

Benefit your business and your customers

What are you waiting for; it’s time for customers and businesses to benefit by turning towards a paper-free economy. There is no doubt that electronic payments are quicker, safer, consist of lower transaction fees and improve the cash flow in organizations. For the customers, they provide more safety and greater convenience as they can pay from anywhere anytime with mobile apps. Further, they need not worry about missing a billing cycle as ACH is ideal for recurring billing and payments.

Pick up the phone and dial the number, the future is waiting…