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Best Restaurant Business Merchant Services

  • All types of Food Vendors Welcome
  • Cafes, Coffeeshops, Drinking establishments
  • Dining Retailers, Concesssion Stands
  • Diner,Food Truck,Bistro,Pizza Place
  • Food Courts,Catering,Ice Cream Palor
  • Taverns,Hotels,Motel Dining,Truck Stop
  • Beer, Alcohol, Liquor Stores, Wine Sales
  • New Company and Startup Business
  • Adult Entertainment Oriented Bars are all Approved
  • Free Credit Card Terminal Placement
  • Ipad, Iphone, Android Tablet Mobile Swipe Service
  • Snack Bar, Boardwalk Business OK
  • Temporary Seasonal Merchants OK
  • Month to Month Contract, No Early Termination
  • 24/7 Client Services and Support
  • Dont get Closed Cancelled or Shut Off
  • No Contract Month to Month OK
  • Lower Rates and Your Monthly Fees
  • Compare Providers and Services
  • Merchant Cash Advance and Check Proessing
  • Reduce Fraud and Prevent Chargebacks
  • Cheapest Rates for Bankcard Processor
  • EMV Compliant and PCI Compliance
  • Poor or Bad Credit History OK
  • Process Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex
  • Recurring Billing and Online Invoicing
  • Expert Solution Provider for My Business
  • No Hidden Extra Fees or Charges
  • Fair Honest Interchange Pricing
  • Fast Setup and Approval

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We know that restaurants are a fast-paced business. They need to respond quickly to their customers’ needs and this is why credit card payments are very important.

To help your restaurant run smoothly and efficiently, we have a lot of services that work in your favor. We offer point of sales systems that can give you full control of your restaurant to track orders, reduce wasted time, and create a better working environment for your employees.

We also have a PIN-based debit service to reduce credit card charge backs and protect your customers. Many of the restaurants we support utilize our gift and loyalty cards as well.

Gift cards are like a “billboard in your wallet” and help expand business. Many of our clients use wireless terminals so transactions can be completed right at the table. This saves money on processing fees, speeds up turnovers and makes your customers feel like honored guests.

How Fast Will I Get My Money?
You will receive your money in 1-2 business days GUARANTEED!!

What Are The Costs?
We have the absolute lowest costs for merchant accounts in the industry!  Apply now so we can determine how low of a rate you qualify for.

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  Recommend Equipment:


The First Data FD50™ terminal is an affordable and very functional point of sale (POS) terminal that allows you to accept virtually every payment type.

  VeriFone 1000SE PIN Pad

The VeriFone PIN Pad 1000SE allows you to offer pin-based debit card transactions to your customers. Flexible, secure and easy to use, the VeriFone 1000SE is a good choice.

  LinkPoint Shopping Cart Gateway

The LinkPoint Shopping Cart Gateway enables you to process e-commerce credit card transactions through your website.