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Merchant Account is a shot in the arm for internet Marketing Firms and SEOs

Nowadays trading online has become the norm. Since virtually all kinds of business transactions take place online it becomes mandatory for establishments to advertise themselves on the world wide web. And this important part of the business is taken care of by internet marketing firms and SEOs.

So, if you are an online advertising or marketing firm you must be aware of the fierce competition in the market and the need to remain accessible to your clients. Your eCommerce website must be able to process all kinds of payments including all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex and not just checks. When you opt for a virtual terminal you give greater freedom to your clients and open the doors for more business for your establishment. And you know what can be even better is to be able to cater to your clients on the go by having mobile phone apps at least an iPhone or an android app. Finally, it is important that you keep up to date with the latest payment processing solutions in the market.

Will an online merchant account boost your business?

It is common knowledge that setting up an online business is easy but procuring loan is tough because of the rampant fraud online. It is no surprise that all internet marketing firms, SEOs, and web design companies face difficulty in this area. But with experienced online merchant account providers like us you are covered.

We have been in the business since the beginning and have seen how SEO startups have taken over the market; we have also witnessed the constant rejection faced by these firms from traditional banks and other established aggregators like PayPal, Stripe, Square etc.

You must firstly, understand that there are various types of merchant accounts for marketing firms; each providing specific features. You need a merchant account provider who understands the exact needs of your establishment and works towards meeting those requirements. With us, we will ensure that you focus only on more important aspects of your business as we take care of the nitty-gritty of your merchant account.

Our friendly support staff understands the niche well and can work directly with you in setting up a merchant account. They will help you identify the best payment processing solutions for your firm. There are no application fees or setup fees involved. Our rates are very nominal and we take care of your recurring billing too.

We are well aware of the security concerns of online dealing and use only the latest technology and encryptions for the safety of all your financial dealings. Our easy payment processing solutions, user-friendly payment gateway, hassle-free application process and 24x7 technical help make us an ideal choice for all startups and new establishments.

Do not worry even if you are denied or shutoff  

Internet marketing and advertising firms are considered to be high risk and reason enough for many credit card processors to deny them assistance. The high incidence of chargeback, the dependence on multi-currencies, the higher risk of fraud and no fixed sales are reasons enough to shun you. There are a few merchant account providers and banks who are willing to take the risk but their rates vary by startups and history; then there are those who analyse the high risk vs low-risk factors and to be on the safe side fallback on rolling reserve funds wherein a certain percentage of your credit card sales is held back by the provider for a period of time. In the lean period, this can prove to be detrimental to your business.

But, though small in number, there are high-risk merchant account providers like us who can bail you out. With us, there are no rolling reserve requirements, no concern on your billing cycle and certainly no fear with regard to the several past denials and shutoffs.

A merchant account is ideal for startups

The reason startups face so much of discrimination is that nine out of ten startups fail. The uncertain nature of the industry makes it extremely dangerous for most of the credit card processors. Online marketing startups are tapping dangerous markets that are prone to fraud, invariably work on a tight budget and often lack credit history.

A high-risk experienced merchant account provider like us is well aware of the initial hiccups and setbacks faced by rookies in the business. We can help you even with setting up your accounting system if you so choose though our primary focus will remain on the merchant account. And unlike other credit card processors who get rattled when the volume of business increases, we are prepared for the increase in sales and are happy with your progress.

Which account should you choose domestic or offshore accounts

You can open a merchant account for your internet marketing account in domestic banks as well as offshore; it’s up to you which credit card processing solution you prefer. Domestic accounts are cheaper and more secure but difficult to obtain for risky enterprises. This leaves offshore accounts as the only choice for online marketing and advertising companies.

We coordinate with several foreign banks and offer various offshore merchant accounts for our clients.We work with multiple underwriting banks to cover your account at all times. Our payment gateway ensures that you accept all local and international debit and credit cards, e-checks and other types of payment. Our low rates, speedy deposit and processing time make us the ideal choice for your SEO or marketing establishment.

Wait no further…

The SEO industry scene is heating up and unless you have the required tools and skills you cannot hope to make it big. You need a merchant account that understands the industry and your specific requirements. Our scalable solutions will prove to be the shot in the arm for your enterprise. We can help streamline your financial accounts as well as help with other methods of payment like check processing, setting up physical terminals, mobile payments, and even ACH transactions.We also assist web designers set up merchant accounts. Should you be interested in knowing more about our services do not hesitate to contact us.